Broken Suppy Change


t is embarrassing how elementary some of the materials are which are holding up our response to this pandemic. The testing kits that need manufactured can’t get the right type of glass vials and rubber stoppers. Think about that for a moment. We have trouble producing things as simple as glass bottles and rubber stoppers. CLICK HERE

Other than Italy, America’s sole source for something as essential as the swabs needed to test for COVID-19 comes from one small plant in Maine. Located in a town of roughly 1500, the plant has trouble finding workers and reportedly could use 60 more immediately. CLICK HERE

Strategically this is the type of manufacturing facility that would benefit from being located in Missouri. We already enjoy being home to one of the largest manufacturers of hand sanitizer Vijon. They manufacture Germ-X and many other brands of hand sanitizers. If we can have a firm like Vijon located in Overland, Missouri, why not a plant to make N-95 masks? CLICK HERE

The story of Prestige Ameritech in Fort Worth, Texas is a sad but all too familiar one of an American company passed over by government contracts that went to foreign companies. CLICK HERE

The owner of this firm literally predicted the shortages of PPE which have occurred. It is time to bring these firms to Missouri, to create a state of mind, that we will become the bastion for made in America under a MAKE IT IN MISSOURI initiative.

Mike Carter
Attorney-At-Law & Municipal Judge